Rayna Andrews is a public health ambassador, author, speaker and mother who is helping to change the narrative around food insecurity through education, literacy, and community for the sake of our next generation. Rayna is well-known for her passion for food justice and sustainable food systems, as well as providing ideas for how we can help provide healthy food to those in low-income areas.

We respect Rayna’s commitment to community building through food. Rayna’s spirited personality and her devotion to helping others heal through food and lifestyle practices has led her to a fruitful career in foodbanking where she has led and participated in countless studies that focus on building equity and justice in the food movement. As the host of the radio show “Our Community, Our Health,” Rayna helps bring clarity to our healthcare system and always marries the intersectionality of food.

Rayna’s drive is inspired by her family, particularly her son. She saw a generational pattern of households falling into the cycle of food insecurity and she wanted to help stop the cycle for her son’s generation. Rayna wanted to take a more proactive approach in accelerating positive results in the food system. One area she saw was a blindspot for many was food literacy. Rayna founded the Healthy Food Movement, a food literacy initiative focused on solving preventative health disparities for our next generation as a way for her son and his peers to live in a world much different from what we’ve experienced. She authored a children’s book, “Alex McGreen and the Tale of the Mysterious Kale,” as a tool to further inspire our next generation to have an intimate connection with food and its sources.

Rayna is committed to improving people’s lives, advancing health equity and driving change in the food system. We appreciate her sensible, tell-it-like-it-is attitude and her unflappable commitment to a more sovereign food system. Rayna loves educating others about food security and is available to speak!